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" سلام Hello ااسال م عليكم Салом Bonjour "

For Afghan Refugee Support and Resettlement

Changing the world for the better means building bridges of understanding to help those in need. Whether you are a national organization or a local volunteer group, Jeenie helps you welcome, connect, and build trust with Afghan families.

How we help support your mission

By using Jeenie, your organization will not only support the individuals and families under your care, but also the interpreters still in Afghanistan who rely on income earned on the Jeenie platform.

How Jeenie Helps People Every Day


Access certified medical interpreters during doctor appointments.


Enable access to services & participation in community life.


Facilitate communication between families and educators.


Help people connect & form bonds across languages and cultures.

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A fresh approach to interpreting

This is the next generation in on-demand video & audio interpreting. We’ve combined the best in technology and human-centered design to create the most versatile, easy to use interpreting platform on the planet.

We attract the top linguists with high compensation, remote work, and flexible hours. Our interpreters exceed the highest industry standards and average 10 years of interpreting experience.

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