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With Jeenie, businesses and organizations have a live, vetted interpreter at their fingertips… 24/7…

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This is the next generation in on-demand video & audio interpreting. Speak with a live linguist in seconds.

We’ve combined the best in technology and human-centered design to create the most versatile, easy to use interpreting platform on the planet.

We attract the top linguists with high compensation, remote work and flexible hours. Our interpreters exceed the highest industry standards and average 10 years of interpreting experience.


Something for everyone - from small teams to global enterprises.

More than an App, Jeenie’s platform comes fully loaded with the tools you’d expect + features you’ve only dreamed of. 

Small:  Only pay when you use it. Setup in minutes.

Midsized: An affordable way to go multilingual with the flip of a switch and reach more clients on a budget.

Enterprise: White-glove service that integrates seamlessly as a robust VRI, OPI, MoVI, and call center interpreting solution.

Truly Smart Design

Why Organizations Love Jeenie


company video conference call business to india rep jeenie live interpreter



Expert, qualified interpreting that includes rare indigenous languages. 



The average time it takes to connect to live interpreters.
No kidding!



Customers communicating without language barriers around the world.

Meeting Real World Needs

From small teams to multinational enterprises, Jeenie delivers

For Businesses

No matter what industry you’re in, clear communication is essential. Become a multilingual organization overnight, use Jeenie to engage and build trust with non-English speaking customers, partners, and staff.

A Real-World Experience
An American TV crew used Jeenie to help cover the Olympics in Japan, enabling them to easily interact with locals and International athletes in their language.

How we help you get the job done:

For Education & Schools

Ensuring equity in education is essential. Jeenie helps educators, administrators, and counselors effectively communicate with multilingual students and parents across in-person, virtual, and hybrid learning models.

How we help you foster inclusive learning:

Legal Services

With 1 in 5 people in the U.S. unable to speak English fluently, interpreting is needed at every step of our legal system. Jeenie helps law practices communicate with non-English-speaking and Deaf clients so that they can understand and defend their rights.

How we help you serve your clients:

For Government Agencies

Language barriers prevent equal and equitable access to government programs. Jeenie helps government agencies expand reach and increase impact through effective communication with all constituents.

A Real-World Experience
Aided U.S. border patrol in connecting a Q'anjob'al-speaking mother with her child at the New Mexico border.

How we help you serve the public:

For NonProfits

Changing the world for the better means building bridges of understanding. Whether your organization is local or global, Jeenie helps ensure equal and equitable access to your services and benefits.

How we help support your mission:

For Humanitarian Aid
& Refugee Support

Changing the world for the better means building bridges of understanding. Whether your organization is national or global, make sure no one falls between the cracks due to language comprehension. 

How we help support your mission:

For Conferences & Trade Shows

Whether your conference is virtual or in-person, local or global, the need to be inclusive has never been greater. Jeenie helps you welcome all participants, maximize their networking opportunities, and ensure they return.

How we support diverse and inclusive events:

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Get On-Demand Video & Audio Interpreting on any platform or device, as well as conference calling and advanced appointment scheduling. With over 300 languages on Jeenie’s platform (including rare, indigenous and sign languages) caregivers can access a vetted, experienced interpreter in less than 30 seconds… 

There are 2 ways to get Jeenie...

Pay As You Go

Looking to experience Jeenie, but not quite ready to signup for a plan OR only have occasional interpreting needs? 

Set up a pay-as-you-go account and you’ll be using Jeenie in minutes. No commitment. Only pay when you use.

A Jeenie Plan

Have an ongoing need for interpreting? 

Get better rates through Jeenie Business plans. Our team will help you to get the best deal for your organization.

Depending on your Plan, you may have:
A dedicated Client Success Representative. Multiple users. Monthly Usage Reports. Priority queueing in the call system. Onboarding support. Team Trainings. TeleJeenie℠ Landline Integration…and more.

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