Experienced Medical Interpreters At Your Fingertips... Whenever You Need Them.

A must-have medical interpreting service for equal access to quality healthcare.

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On-Demand Medical Interpreting That Fits The Way YOU Work

Ready at the point of care and in the moment of need

Doctors and caregivers call Jeenie the fastest, most user-friendly and affordable medical interpreting solution on the market. Available on any device you already have, Jeenie puts the power of language in the hands of caregivers and patients – both inside and outside the examination room.

With over 250 languages on Jeenie’s HIPAA-compliant platform (including rare indigenous and sign languages) caregivers can access a certified, medical interpreter in less than 30 seconds…ensuring better communication, treatment and outcomes for ALL their patients.

In the Field & Home Care


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Office Visits

Call Centers

Front Desk & Billing

Mobile & Urgent Response

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Fully Scalable

From small teams to large enterprises

More than an App, Jeenie’s platform comes fully loaded with the tools you’d expect + features you’ve only dreamed of. 

Small:  Only pay when you use it. Setup in minutes.

Midsized: An affordable way to go multilingual with the flip of a switch and serve more patients on a budget.

Enterprise: White-glove service that integrates seamlessly as a robust VRI, OPI, MoVI, and call center interpreting solution.


Smart From The Start

Designed with Caregivers...for Healthcare

Fast. Mobile. Seamless. Human.

Best Rated Medical Interpreters

All medical interpreters have average of 4 years medical interpreting experience and must maintain 4-star or above rating to work on Jeenie's platform.

Fastest Response Time

On-demand access to only medical, HIPAA-trained interpreter in less than 30 seconds.

Start Using In Minutes

No long sales cycle. Providers can be set up and using in less than 15 minutes.

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Jeenie Interpreter platform multiple devices

Adaptable And Mobile

Live VIDEO and audio interpreting on smartphones and tablets that travel with caregivers—from office, to clinic, to home visit, to hospital.

Affordable, Simple Pricing

Most affordable rates in Healthcare - no nickel and diming. The same fee for video and audio. No minimums.

For Heath Equity

Together we're changing healthcare for the better

Our mission is to make trusted, HUMAN, language help accessible and affordable for everyone in their moment of need. With one fifth of the U.S. population speaking a language other than English at home, language help is essential to guarantee equal and equitable access to quality healthcare.

Jeenie facilitates accurate and confidential communication between caregivers and their patients who don't speak English or who are Deaf to promote greater health equity and patient literacy.

Real World Impacts

Simple miscommunications have serious risks


Miscommunication about symptoms leads to misdiagnoses. 55% of malpractice suits result from miscommunication


Leads to ineffective treatment which results in escalated health issues, recurrences, and hospital readmissions


Leads to lower patient satisfaction scores and lower provider reimbursements

Risk & Exposure

Leads to increased system costs and provider risk, currently at $Billions in lawsuits each year


Worse... leads to poor healthcare outcomes and preventable deaths

Jeenie In Action

Life-Saving Language Access In The Palm Of Your Hand

Expert, qualified interpreting that includes rare indigenous languages. 

The average time it takes to connect to live interpreters.
No kidding!

Customers communicating without language barriers around the world.

Use On Any Device

Use Jeenie’s HIPAA-compliant platform on a smartphone, tablet, computer, and landline. Or invite a Jeenie interpreter to your telehealth platform.

Stay Logged In

No logins or account numbers to remember. You’re logged in for immediate service.

Access Effortlessly

Two-step access: Select the language you need help with, tap video or audio call, and connect!

Connect Fast

Get an interpreter in 30 seconds or less. No operators, call centers, forced scheduling, or long wait times.

Leverage For Telehealth

Invite multiple participants to a video or audio telehealth calls with your interpreter on the line.

Take It Anywhere

Jeenie offers full VIDEO and audio assistance and travels with healthcare provider wherever help is needed.

Rate Your Experience

Clients rate EVERY call. Only medical interpreters rated 4 stars or higher by clients can be Jeenie interpreters.

How We Do Interpreting Better


Jeenie Integration

Jeenie works on the devices you already have, (smartphones, tablets, computers, landlines).

Or easily schedule a Jeenie interpreter to join calls on a platform of your choice! Like: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, other TeleHealth platforms, etc.


Often require customers to purchase additional equipment. They don’t integrate easily or fully with other platforms.


Jeenie Quality

We’re proud to report an overall customer rating of over 4.9 stars (out of 5). Jeenie controls quality in real-time. Each and every interpreter call is rated by our customers.


Hard to know what you’re getting. They have longer, indirect customer feedback cycles and infrequent interpreter performance reviews.


Jeenie Startup

Sign-up on your own and start using Jeenie right away.

Healthcare providers: Jeenie’s award-winning Client Success team can have you ready to use our interpreters in under 15 minutes.

Lengthy sales cycles and complicated pricing. It takes days or even weeks before clients can access interpreters.


Jeenie Coverage

We have thousands of qualified, vetted interpreters in over 140 countries, providing round-the-clock service.

Competitors have much less global reach and often hire interpreters from the same, shared pool of local providers.


Jeenie Pricing
Our high-tech, flexible work model allows Jeenie to offer the lowest prices in the market while paying interpreters more to do great work.


They cost more. The rest of the industry is stuck in out-dated, capital intensive infrastructures. They have to charge higher prices, minimums, or blocks of minutes to cover their costs

Honest Reviews

What Our Clients Are Saying

Simple Pricing

Best For
Occasional Use

Pay As You Go
$ 0 No Membership
  • Spoken Languages
  • Sign Language
  • Accounts

Best For
100-500 Minutes/mo

$ 50
  • Spoken Languages
  • Sign Language
  • Accounts
    Up to 5

Best For
500-2,500 Minutes/mo

$ 150
  • Spoken Languages
  • Sign Language
  • Accounts

Best For
2,500+ Minutes/mo

$ 500
  • Spoken Languages
  • Sign Language
  • Accounts

All options include:

On-Demand Video Remote & Audio Interpreting. Use on All Devices. Conference Calling. Advanced Appointment Scheduling. Accessing Jeenie Interpreters from Another Platform.

Depending on your Membership Plan, you may have:

Priority Queueing in Call System. A Dedicated Client Success Representative. Team Trainings. Monthly Usage Reports. TeleJeenie℠ Landline Integration.

Select a Membership Plan to receive more information from our Client Development Team.