Jeenie is a global community of HIPAA-trained language experts standing by 24/7 to jump on a voice or video call to help with your medical translation needs.

Don’t trust medical translation to a machine or a patient’s family

  • Fastest to Set Up
    • Start using Jeenie in
      3 minutes
    • No salespeople
    • No extra equipment or cameras required
  • Easiest to Use
    • Connect in seconds
    • On-demand, no scheduling ahead
    • No waiting online or going through an operator
    • No remembering an account ID
  • Smartest Solution
    • Use a smartphone or tablet
    • No clunky call centers
    • No antiquated landline phones, desktop computers, or extra hardware
  • Most Affordable
    • Lowest-cost interpreting for healthcare
    • Same cost for video and audio
    • Use credit cards or PayPal

Medical Translation is required by law!

Bilingual friends and family are not legal solutions, and bilingual staff can’t cover you 24/7.

Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act in U.S. healthcare law states that care providers must offer language assistance to guarantee proper communication. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that care providers guarantee communication accommodations for Deaf patients.

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How Jeenie medical translation service fits into your healthcare practice

  • Conversations with family members

    "Jeenie helps us get accurate symptom information from our patients for proper treatment. Depending on friends or family is very risky."

  • Face-to-face communication with deaf patients

    "We can get an ASL interpreter right away for unscheduled or last-minute appointments… schedule changes no longer cost us a fortune."

  • Emergency consultations

    "Getting information quickly can make a difference between life and death. With Jeenie, I connect directly to an interpreter in seconds."

  • Appointment follow-ups

    "Jeenie helps us easily review medications and dosages with patients if they have questions after their visit."

  • Patient intake

    "We can turn the camera on our phone or tablet around to let the interpreter translate paperwork for patients in real time."

  • Exam-room conversations

    "With an interpreter on my mobile device, I can move around the clinic and meet patients wherever they are."