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Jeenie is a language assistance app that connects independent travelers to on-demand language help... wherever you are in the world. With a few taps on your smartphone, you can video chat or speak in real-time with a personal, bilingual companion with language fluency and cultural expertise.

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how travelers use jeenie while traveling abroad

Traveling for Leisure

  • Direct your taxi driver without confusion
  • Discuss menus and food allergies with waiters
  • Experience the local culture
  • Navigate travel logistics with real-time assistance
  • Understand signs, menus
  • ...and more

Traveling for Business

  • Meet with client who speak other languages
  • Avoid cultural missteps
  • Take your virtual interpreter to meetings
  • Navigate to appointments with real-time assistance
  • Attend global conferences
  • ...and more

Wherever You are in the World....

Our Experienced Language JeeniesTM Are Standing By to Help

Meet Riku H.!

He is a Language JeenieTM


Fluent in Japanese and English


Born in Tokyo, living in San Francisco


Travel, Restaurants, shopping

Linguist Rating: 

4.9 stars


Uses his language skills and knowledge of both cities and cultures to help others and earn extra income.

Meet Susan L.!

She is a JeenieTM client


Fluent in English, needs help in Japanese


Lives in San Francisco, traveling to Tokyo


Travel, Restaurants, shopping

Linguist Rating: 

4.8 stars


Needs help talking to store clerks while shopping and would like local restaurant recommendations.

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