On-Demand Language Interpreters on Your Mobile Device 24/7

We are a community of crowd-sourced language experts from all over the world, standing by to provide real-time language interpreting and culture advice whenever and wherever it’s needed:

  • Healthcare: Conversations between doctors and patients
  • The Deaf Community American Sign Language interpreting for face-to-face, everyday communication
  • Travel & Tourism: Communicating with locals when abroad
  • Education: Conversations between teachers and parents
  • Language Learning: Practice speaking with qualified speakers


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The Jeenie® Mobile App matches you to our marketplace of multilingual and multicultural experts to communicate and engage with the world around you!

  • Live, HUMAN translators… not machines
  • On any mobile device
  • In less than 1 minute
  • Video chat or audio
  • 24/7

How Jeenie® Fits into Your Life…

Local Conversations
Local Conversations
Language Practice
Language Practice
Urgent Help
Urgent Help
ASL Video Interpreting

Jeenie® for Healthcare

Jeenie Connects Healthcare Providers with LIVE Interpreters for Confidential Conversations with Limited English Proficiency Patients

  • Lowest rates in the market
  • Connection in under 30 seconds
  • HIPAA-trained and medically assessed interpreters
  • Mobile device access - don’t be limited by landline phones or desktop computers
  • Modern video and audio technology
Direct-to-Interpreter, No Call Centers or Operators

Don’t waste time going through call centers, trying to remember your account number or waiting for calls to be transferred.

Self-Serve Sign-up

No conversations with salespeople! Sign-up takes minutes directly in the app. Start using Jeenie for critical conversations right away.

Language Help that Moves With You

You move around to see your patients. The Jeenie® mobile app goes where you go. Modern mobile app technology connects you via video or audio for on-demand help at any time of day.

LEP patients are guaranteed language services under federal law for healthcare by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Jeenie keeps you compliant while you hold confidential conversations with LEP patients without involving their friends or family members.

Jeenie® for American Sign Language

Access a qualified ASL interpreter via video-chat at any time of the day from your mobile device for in-person communication.

With the tap of a button, a live person will appear on the screen of your phone in less than a minute to assist you in any face-to-face situation:

Social Gatherings

Visiting with family and friends


Conversations with co-workers or meetings

Travel and Tourism

Interpreting help when traveling to new places

And More...

Jeenie® for Travel & Tourism

Travel with Confidence and without Worry

Language Help and Cultural Advice Are Just a Tap Away

  • Hold conversations with locals in THEIR language
  • Experience meaningful culture trips
  • Avoid culture shock and embarrassing cultural missteps
  • Understand signs, documents, menus and more
Jeenie® for Language Practice

Practice Your Language with Round-the-Clock Help from Bilingual, Bicultural Speakers

  • Practice speaking & listening
  • Improve your pronunciation & fluency
  • Get study help
  • Answer your language & culture questions
  • Do better in your language classes
Are You Multilingual? Join Our Community of Linguists!
Registering Is FREE. There Is NO Obligation.
  • Fluency in two languages
  • A professional manner
  • A smartphone
  • Good connectivity
  • Quiet surroundings
  • Earn extra money using your language skills & cultural knowledge
  • Work virtually, on your own schedule
  • Help people all around the world