A global community of language experts standing by 24/7 to jump on a voice or video call to help you with any of your communication needs.

  • Healthcare

    "As a physician, with a Jeenie interpreter on my device, I move around my clinic and meet patients where they are."

  • The Deaf Community

    "With Jeenie, I can actively participate in face-to-face conversations with hearing people... I don’t miss a moment."

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  • Travel & tourism

    "Jeenie makes me feel secure. Access to a person in my language 24/7 gives me the courage to travel anywhere."

  • Language practice

    "In language class, I can learn to read and write, but I use Jeenie to speaking with a real native speaker… which my teacher is not!"

  • Education

    "We can’t have kids translate in a parent-teacher conference. Our school uses Jeenie when parents have limited English skills."

  • Virtual Conferences & Trade Shows

    "Because of COVID, we have switched to all-virtual events. Jeenie works perfectly for our multilingual attendees."

Why Jeenie?

  • Fastest to Set Up
    • Start using Jeenie in 3 minutes
    • No salespeople
    • No extra equipment or cameras necessary
  • Easiest to Use
    • 12-Second connections
    • On-demand, no scheduling ahead
    • No waiting online, going through an operator
    • No remembering your account ID
  • Smartest Solution
    • Use a smartphone or iPad
    • No clunky call centers
    • No antiquated landline phones, desktop computers, or extra hardware
  • Most Affordable
    • Jeenie is the most affordable interpreting in healthcare
    • Same fee for video and audio
    • Use credit cards or PayPal

See what our customers are saying

- Daniel Charles,
United Way of Georgia
This platform is ‘Jeenie-us’! Before Jeenie, we were unable to serve one of our families effectively, with a Deaf child and father. But with Jeenie, we just pop open the app whenever we are having a conversation and the interpreter comes right onto the screen in seconds. It really is the genie - or ‘Jeenie’ - that helps you in a moment.

Pricing that suits every enterprise need

Monthly subscription plans

Subscription fee

Plans start at
  • Based on # of caregivers
  • Get a discount when you pay for the year up front

Per-minute fees

All Spoken Languages
American Sign Language
  • Rates as low as $0.70/min with volume
  • Same price for audio & video
Features Available:
  • Available on smartphone,
    tablet & desktop
  • Prioritized Queueing in
    Call System
  • Monthly Detailed Call Reports
  • Dedicated Client Success Rep
  • Team Training Session(s)
  • Concierge Setup Assistance
  • Inbound Call Center Feature
  • Integration with Telehealth Platforms

Only pay for what you use

No monthly fee

All languages, including ASL

Same price for audio & video

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  • Benefits
    • Earn extra money using your language skills & cultural knowledge
    • Work virtually, on your own schedule
    • Help people all around the world
  • General Requirements
    • Fluency in two languages
    • A professional manner
    • A smartphone
    • Good connectivity
    • Quiet surroundings
    Healthcare Requirements
    • Medical interpreting certification
    • 5+ years of healthcare interpreting experience
    • HIPAA certification or training

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