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Education & Tutoring

Personal & Social Use 

Requirements to Use
Jeenie for Zoom.

A Jeenie account

Don’t have one yet? Get one here.

Zoom account

Don’t have a Zoom account? (Explore your options here.)

The Zoom desktop client installed on computer.

Don’t have the Zoom client installed? Download here.

Jeenie for Zoom app added to the Zoom account

Install from the Zoom App Marketplace.
Follow the step-by-step guide below.

You’re ready to use Jeenie for Zoom!

Step-By-Step Guide

Available Languages

Jeenie currently offers 12 languages on the Jeenie for Zoom App with more on the way. 

  • American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Arabic (Modern Standard)
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Dari (Persian)
  • French
  • Haitian Creole
  • Pashto
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Q’eqchi
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Adding the Jeenie for Zoom App

Sign into your Zoom desktop. 

Click “Apps”  in the navigation area.

Click the “Add Apps” tab.

Search for Jeenie.

Click “Get” and then “Add” button. 

Follow the prompts to allow permissions and complete the addition of Jeenie to your apps.

NOTE: Using Jeenie for Zoom requires having the Zoom desktop client installed on your computer.

screenshots to install jeenie for zoom

Opening Jeenie in the Zoom Desktop Client

IMPORTANT: If you have an older version of the Jeenie for Zoom App (prior to Feb 19, 2024), be sure to remove it and reinstall the most recent version.

Navigate to Apps.

Select the My Apps tab.

Click on Jeenie in your list of installed apps.

Login with your Jeenie account credentials.

Adding Interpreters On-Demand During a Meeting

Jeenie interpreters can only be added on-demand by the meeting owner or cohost.

Start An On-Demand Call


From the Jeenie Integration App:

  • Click the “Start Interpretation Now” button OR click the regular Zoom “Start Meeting” button.


Within a Zoom Meeting: 

  • Click “Apps” in the toolbar. 
  • Select the Jeenie for Zoom app 
Screenshot of Jeenie on-demand interpreting starting in zoom meeting

Now Add An Interpreter

Select the languages and service for your needs in the Jeenie app.

Click the “Connect With A Jeenie” button.

Then the interpreter connects: There will be a brief video delay of ~10 seconds. 

Note: Depending on your account settings, you may need to admit the interpreter into the call from the meeting waiting room.

Scheduling Interpreters for Zoom Meetings

1: Add a regular meeting to your Zoom Scheduler

Go to your Zoom home.

Click Zoom’s “Schedule” option.

Fill out the meeting information.

IMPORTANT: If you want other meeting participants to have the ability to add interpreters, they must be added as a cohost. 

IMPORTANT: If scheduling for someone else, both parties must have the Jeenie for Zoom App installed and they need to be a cohost.

2: Choose the upcoming meeting that you need an interpreter

From the Jeenie app home screen in your Zoom desktop client, click “Reserve a Future Time”.

The Jeenie app will show your list of upcoming Zoom Meetings.

Select the meeting for which you will need an interpreter and a scheduling form will appear.

IMPORTANT: If you do not see a meeting in your Upcoming Meetings, either it has not been scheduled yet OR you are not that meeting’s Owner. 

Only Meeting Owners can see the scheduled Zoom meetings in their Upcoming Meetings. 

3: Reserve a Jeenie interpreter

The scheduling form will auto-populate with the date and time of the meeting you selected.

Fill out the rest of the form* and add any meeting notes.

*The default Scenario for healthcare clients is “Healthcare.”

IMPORTANT: Jeenie’s scheduling form has the option to add other emails to notify. This allows other participants/admins to stay up to date on the status of that meeting via email. 

Ending Your Session

There are a two ways to end an interpreting session, depending on your needs.


End the interpreting session but continue the Zoom Meeting.

Click the “Finish Interpreting Service“. 

Click “OK” to verify you want to end the call. 

Ask the interpreter to leave the call. 


End the Zoom Meeting for ALL participants, including the interpreter.

Click “End” and then End meeting for All“.  
Be sure to click “End meeting for all”, not “Leave meeting”.

ALERT: We do NOT recommend using the “Remove Participant” option to end the Jeenie Session. 

Rating Your Jeenie Experience.

Here’s how you can rate your Jeenie interpreter and experience: 


End the session with “Finish Interpreting Service” and the Ratings screen will show. 


On the Jeenie Platform, go to your “History” screen.

Any unrated calls will have an action icon. Simply click the call you wish to rate. 

Managing Your Interpreter Sessions:

The Jeenie app homepage in your Zoom desktop client displays all upcoming interpreter sessions that you are the Owner for.

Here you can:

Join sessions that are about to start (or already begun).

Modify scheduled interpreter sessions.

Cancel upcoming sessions as needed.

Refer to our cancellation policy for additional information.

Your company can be using Jeenie in no time.

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