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right when you need them.

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Meet Jeenie

Virtual interpreting just got a serious upgrade.

Jeenie's modern interpreting platform connects you to a video/audio call with a live, qualified interpreter in seconds. It's on-demand language assistance... wherever you are, whenever you need it.


We're On A Mission

No more language barriers. More equity.

We're making trusted, human, language help accessible and affordable for EVERYONE in their moment of need - so that natural communication is always possible.

Why? Because we believe language is a Basic Human Right. It is: Participation, Empowerment, Access, Opportunity, Connection, and Life-Saving.


From small teams to global enterprises.

More than an App, Jeenie’s platform comes fully loaded with the tools you’d expect + features you’ve only dreamed of. 

Small:  Only pay when you use it. Setup in minutes.

Midsized: An affordable way to go multilingual with the flip of a switch and reach more clients on a budget.

Enterprise: White-glove service that integrates seamlessly as a robust VRI, OPI, MoVI, and call center interpreting solution.

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Smart From The Start

Seamlessly meets your needs... wherever you are.

We re-thought interpreting. Bringing the best in technology and human-centered design to create the most adaptable (and easy-to-use) interpreting platform on the planet.

Jeenie makes it simple to have multilingual conversations: Use any device. Connect in a snap. Always clear pricing.

How We Do Interpreting Better​

Instant Language Help. Anywhere... Anytime.



Expert, vetted interpreting. Includes rare languages.



The average time to connect to live interpreters.



Customers without language barriers around the world.

Use On Any Device

Use Jeenie’s HIPAA-compliant platform on a smartphone, tablet, computer, or landline. You can also invite a Jeenie interpreter to your telehealth platform.

Stay Logged In

No logins or account numbers to remember. You’re logged in for immediate service.

Access Effortlessly

Two-step access: Select the language you need help with, tap video or audio call, and connect!

Connect Fast

Get an interpreter in 30 seconds or less. No operators, call centers, forced scheduling, or long wait times.

Leverage for Telehealth

Invite multiple participants to video or audio telehealth calls with your interpreter on the line.

Take It Anywhere

Jeenie offers full video and audio assistance and travels with healthcare providers wherever help is needed.

Rate Your Experience

Clients rate EVERY call. Only medical interpreters rated 4 stars or higher by clients can be Jeenie interpreters.

Honest Reviews

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How Will You Use Jeenie? 


Global Meetings & Conferences

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Sign Language Assistance

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Medical Appointments & Telehealth

Mobile Urgent Response

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International Travel

Become a Jeenie Interpreter.

Your language skills can help people around the world overcome language barriers.

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Your company can be using Jeenie in no time.

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