Language pairs on Jeenie. 24/7. 

Please note: Available languages are subject to change.

Acehnese Rare
Achi -to- Spanish Rare
Acholi Rare
Adele Rare
Af Maay Rare
Afrikaans Rare
Akan Rare
Akateko Rare
Akateko -to- Spanish Rare
Albanian Common
Algerian Arabic (Darja) Rare
American Sign Language (ASL) Signed ✔*
American Sign Language (ASL) CDI Signed
Amharic Common
Arabic (Algerian & Moroccan & Tunisian) Common
Arabic (Egyptian) Common
Arabic (Gulf) Common
Arabic (Iraqi) Common
Arabic (Levantine) Common
Arabic (Modern Standard) Common
Arabic (Sudanese) Common
Aramaic Rare
Armenian Common
Assamese Rare
Assyrian / Suret Rare
Awakateko / Chalchiteko -to- Spanish Rare
Aymara Rare
Azeri (North) Rare
Azeri (South) Rare
Bajuni Rare
Balochi Rare
Bambara Rare
Bashkir Rare
Bassa Rare
Belarusian Rare
Belize Kriol Rare
Bemba Rare
Bembe (Ibembe) Rare
Bembe (Kibeembe) Rare
Bengali Common ✔*
Bhojpuri Rare
Bissa Rare
Bissa Rare
Bosnian Common ✔*
Bravanese Rare
British Sign Langauge (BSL) Signed-rare
Bulgarian Rare
Burmese Common
Cape Verdean Creole Common
Catalan Rare
Cebuano Visaya Rare
Chadian (Shuwa) Arabic Rare
Chajul Ixil Rare
Chajul Ixil -to- Spanish Rare
Chamorro Rare
Chatino -to- Spanish Rare
Chinese (Cantonese) Common
Chinese (Chaozhou) Rare
Chinese (Fuzhou) Rare
Chinese (Hakka) Rare
Chinese (Hokkien) Rare
Chinese (Mandarin) Common
Chinese (Ningbo) Rare
Chinese (Shanghainese) Rare
Chinese (Sichuanese) Rare
Chinese (Taishanese) Rare
Chinese (Taiwanese) Common
Chinese (Wenzhounese) Rare
Chinese (Xiang) Rare
Chizigua / Zigula / Mushunguli Rare
Choctaw Rare
Chuj -to- Spanish Rare
Chuukese Rare
Congo Swahili Rare
Corsican Rare
Cotocoli (Kotokoli & Tem) Rare
Cree Rare
Croatian Common ✔*
Czech Common ✔*
Dagbanni Rare
Dari (Persian) Common
Dholuo Rare
Dinka Rare
Dutch Rare
Dyula Rare
Eastern Chatino (Lachao - Yolotepec) Rare
Eastern Chatino (Tatalpec) Rare
Eastern Maninkaka Rare
Edo Rare
Estonian Rare
Ewe Rare
Falam Rare
Falam-Chin Rare
Fante (Fanti) Rare
Farsi (Persian) Common
Fijian Rare
Filipino Common
Finnish Rare
French Common
French -to- Spanish Rare
French Canadian Common ✔*
French Guianese Creole Rare
Frisian Rare
Fulani Rare
Ga Rare
Galician Rare
Garifuna -to- Spanish Rare
Garre Rare
Georgian Rare
German Common ✔*
Ghulfan Rare
Goan Konkani Rare
Greek Common ✔*
Greenlandic Rare
Guinea-Bissau Creole Rare
Gujarati Common
Hainanese Rare
Haitian Creole Common
Haitian Creole -to- French Common
Haitian Creole -to- Spanish Common
Hakha-Chin Rare
Haryanvi Rare
Hassaniya Common
Hausa Rare
Hebrew Common ✔*
Hiligaynon / Ilonggo Rare
Hiligaynon / Ilonggo Rare
Hindi Common
Hmong Rare
Hungarian Common
Icelandic Rare
Icelandic Rare
Icelandic Rare
Igbo Rare
Igbo Rare
Igbo Rare
Ilocano Rare
Ilocano Rare
Ilocano Rare
Indonesian Common
Ingles -to- Spanish Common
Inuktitut Rare
Italian Common
Jakalteko / Poptiʼ Rare
Jakalteko / Poptiʼ -to- Spanish Rare
Jakalteko / Poptiʼ -to- Spanish (Latin America) Rare
Jamaican Patois Rare
Japanese Common
Javanese Rare
Jola-Fonyi Rare
K'iche' Rare
K'iche' -to- Spanish Rare
K'iche' -to- Spanish (Latin America) Rare
Kabye Rare
Kannada Rare
Kaqchikel Rare
Kaqchikel -to- Spanish Rare
Kaqchikel -to- Spanish (Latin America) Rare
Kara / Gula Rare
Karen Rare
Karenni Rare
Kashmiri Rare
Kazakh Rare
Kenyan Sign Language Signed-rare
Khmer (Cambodian) Rare
Kikongo Rare
Kinyarwanda Common
Kirundi Rare
Kituba Rare
Kituba Rare
Konkani Rare
Konkani Rare
Korean Common
Kosraean Rare
Kru Rare
Kunama Rare
Kurdish Rare
Kutchi Rare
Kyrgyz Rare
Lao (Laotian) Rare
Latvian Rare
Lebanese Arabic Rare
Lingala Rare ✔*
Lithuanian Rare
Lithuanian Rare
Lower Sorbian Rare
Lower Sorbian Rare
Luganda Rare ✔*
Luxembourgish Rare
Luxembourgish Rare
Maay Maay (Mai-Mai) Rare ✔*
Macedonian Rare ✔*
Malagasy Rare
Malay Common ✔*
Malayalam Rare
Maldivian / Divehi Rare
Maltese Rare
Mam Rare
Mam -to- Spanish Rare
Mandinka Common
Mapudungun Rare
Marathi Rare
Marshallese Rare
Matu Rare
Mbay Rare
Mende Rare
Mexican Sign Language (LSM) Signed-rare
Mina-Gen Rare
Miskito Rare
Miskito -to- Spanish Rare
Mixteco -to- Spanish Rare
Mizo Rare
Mohawk Rare
Mokilese Rare
Mongolian Rare ✔*
Montenegrin Rare
Mossi Rare
Nauhatl -to- Spanish Rare
Navajo Rare
Neapolitan Rare ✔*
Nebaj Ixil Rare
Nebaj Ixil -to- Spanish Rare
Nepali Common
Nicaraguan Sign Language (ISN) Signed-rare
Northeastern Pashayi Rare
Northern Chatino Zenzontepec -to- Spanish Rare
Northern Hindko Rare
Northern Kurdish / Kurmanji Rare ✔*
Northern Sotho Rare
Northwestern Pashayi Rare
Norwegian Rare
Occitan Rare
Oriya / Odia Rare
Oromo Common
Pangasinan Rare
Papiamento Rare
Pashto Common
Pashto -to- Dari (Persian) Rare
Pohnpeian Rare
Polish Common ✔*
Poqomam -to- Spanish Rare
Poqomchi -to- Spanish Rare
Portuguese Common
Portuguese -to- Spanish Common
Portuguese (Brazil) Common
Portuguese (European) Rare
Pulaar Rare
Pular Rare
Punjabi Common
Q'anjob'al / Kanjobal Rare ✔*
Q'anjob'al / Kanjobal -to- Spanish Rare
Q'eqchi Rare
Q'eqchi -to- Spanish Rare
Quebec Sign Langauge (LSQ) Signed-rare
Quechua -to- Spanish Rare
Quechua (Sureño) Rare
Quichua - Cañar Highland Rare
Quichua - Chimborazo Highland Rare
Quichua - Imbabura Highland -to- Spanish Rare
Rohingya Common ✔*
Romani Rare
Romanian Common
Russian Common
Sami (Lule) Rare
Sami (Northern) Rare
Samoan Rare
San Juan Cotzal Ixil Rare
San Juan Cotzal Ixil -to- Spanish Rare
Sanskrit Rare
Saraiki Rare
Scottish Gaelic Rare
Serbian Common ✔*
Serbio-Croatian Rare
Sesotho / Sotho Rare
Setswana Rare
Shona Rare
Sierra Leonean Creole (Krio) Rare
Slovak Rare ✔*
Somali Common
Soninké Rare
Sorani Rare
South Sudanese Creole Arabic Rare
Southeastern Pashayi Rare
Southeastern Pashayi -to- Pashto Rare
Southern Hindko Rare
Southern Kurdish Rare
Spanish Common
Spanish (Spain) Rare
Spanish Sign Language (LSE) Signed-rare
Sundanese Rare ✔*
Swahili Common
Swati Rare
Swedish Rare
Sylheti Common ✔*
Syriac Rare
Tagalog (Filipino) Common ✔*
Tahitian Rare
Tajik Rare ✔*
Tamazight Rare
Tamil Rare ✔*
Tatar Rare
Tedim Rare
Telugu Rare ✔*
Temne Rare
Thai Common ✔*
Tigrinya Common
Toishanese Rare
Tongan Rare
Tosk Rare
Totonac (Filomena Mata-Coahuitlán) -to- Spanish Rare
Triqui Rare
Triqui Rare
Triqui -to- Spanish Rare
Turkish Common
Turkmen Rare
Twi (Akan kasa) Rare ✔*
Tzeltal -to- Spanish Rare
Tzotzil Maya -to- Spanish Rare
Tzutujil -to- Spanish Rare
Ukrainian Common
Upper Sorbian / Wendish Rare
Urdu Common
Uspanteko -to- Spanish Rare
Uyghur Rare
Uzbek Common
Vietnamese Common
Walloon Rare
Welsh Rare
Western Malinke Rare
Wolof Rare ✔*
Xhosa Rare
Yakut Rare
Yi / Nuosu Rare
Yiddish Rare
Yoruba Common ✔*
Yucatec Rare
Yucatec -to- Spanish Rare
Zapoteco -to- Spanish Rare
Zaza / Zazaki Rare
Zomi Rare
Zotung Rare
Zulu Rare
Zyphe (Zophei) Rare

* For plans that began after 5.1.24.
For older plans, please check your user agreement for rates by language.

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