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Our interpreters set us apart and make us a trusted partner to thousands of clients working to end language barriers.

Our platform with 14k professional interpreters delivers…

The most extensive list of on-demand, video accessible languages in the industry

The #1 on-demand service in the US for rare & indigenous languages

Certified ASL & CDI Interpreters to support the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

And so much more.

Quality across every touchpoint

We onboard only the best interpreters to the Jeenie platform and invest in their continued development, so our clients always get the greatest value.


Minimum 2 years of professional experience required and average 6 years experience across our interpreter network.


Required nationally- recognized certifications, licenses, and training, including HIPAA.

Skills Assessment

Proprietary Interpretation Skills and Interpretation Best Practices assessments.

Jeenie Interpreter smiling on call with bright yellow background

Full Background Checks

Interpreter background checks, including interpreters located overseas.

High Service Standards

Interpreters must maintain at least a 4 star rating to remain active on Jeenie’s platform (out of 5).

Professional Development

Access to educational resources, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Our interpreters hold These credentials & certifications:

All Jeenie ASL interpreters follow the NAD/RID Professional Code of Conduct. All Jeenie healthcare interpreters are HIPAA-certified, sign a BAA with Jeenie, and follow the NCIHC Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

who really get

Bridging the gap in critical ways...


Average Healthcare Experience


Compliant with regulations & best practices


Average interpreter rating

A Trusted Partner to
Thousands of Healthcare Orgs

Interpreters fuel our platform

That’s why Jeenie compensates interpreters more than other Language Service Providers. It’s one way we attract the best industry talent... all while controlling costs for our clients.

How? We built our platform to do things differently.

Cutting Out The Middlemen

We contract with and pay our interpreters directly. There are no third-party middlemen agencies siphoning earnings away from our interpreters and disrupting quality control.

Investing in Efficiency

Quality interpreters know their worth and won’t work for less. By working with top-tier talent, sessions with our interpreters are more efficient, helping to save clients time and money.

Embodying Our Values

Humanity and equity are pillars of our company values. By paying interpreters fairly and justly, we embody our values and honor their contributions to society.

working directly with Interpreters

Our industry is plagued by an outdated model that relies heavily on "middlemen" agencies to fulfill client interpreting needs. It’s expensive, inefficient, and negatively impacts quality.

This is how our Direct-To-Interpreter (D2I) model turned the industry on its head.


We fulfill client calls with our own internal interpreter network, without going through call centers or operator systems.


We qualify our interpreters firsthand for their interpreting skills, on-the-job experience, and certifications.

Scale to
Client Needs

We leverage our internal interpreter network as a recruiting resource to add new languages upon client request. 

Quality Control​

We don’t have to run QA through a chain of middlemen with their own internal QA policies and practices.

Investing in Our Interpreters

We provide our interpreters with ample opportunities for professional growth, so that they’re equipped to serve as cultural ambassadors who help clients navigate the cultural divide.

Why? Because interpreters do so much more than just translate words.

Soft Skills and Customer Service Coaching

Education modules that cover interpreter roles and best practices to effectively support client goals during interpreted interactions.

Interpretation Skills Development Workshops

Live monthly workshops designed to explore one facet of interpreting practice in depth, such as impartiality or accuracy.

Rigorous Quality Assurance Process

Proprietary skills assessments, followed by daily quality checks with appropriate remediation, including disciplinary steps and individualized coaching.

Suite of Curated Educational Resources

Proprietary educational materials tied to all key areas of interpreting practice are continuously updated as industry standards evolve.

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