Jeenie CEO featured on Yahoo Finance: How We’re Meeting “Demand for Different Languages”

In the middle of a pandemic, our CEO shares our work and mission during trying times.

Our CEO speaks about Covid, Healthcare & Jeenie's impact.

// Video Transcript //

And now I want to bring in Kirsten Brecht Baker, who is the co-founder and CEO of Jeenie. She co-wrote the article “Women and Money” brought to you by USAA. At a time when many people are stuck at home, we’ve seen a rise of tele-medicine and just tele-everything, as is evidenced by our conversation right now.

So, Kirsten, how is your service playing out right now? Where are you seeing the most demand for your services?

Good afternoon. Thank you so much, Julie. Yes, as you mentioned, Jeenie is a mobile platform that connects you to a video call with a live interpreter for on-demand language assistance.
So you know, kind of consider Uber or Lyft but for interpreters.

For instance, if you’re a health care provider and you’re a native English speaker, you would use Jeenie in a patient meeting when you have a patient who’s maybe a Spanish speaker or who is deaf. And you’d use Jeenie to communicate with them and their family to better assess what their symptoms are, to make sure you understand.

And that leads to better diagnoses and more successful treatments. So we’re seeing, especially in this crazy time of COVID-19 right now, so many of our clinics and physician customers are just being overrun by different patients coming in. And COVID-19 knows no differentiation between patients and language, so lots of demand for different languages at the moment…

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