Jeenie CEO & Co-Founder Joins the Interpreting SAFE-AI Task Force

Jeenie’s CEO & Co-Founder was appointed to a task force to address the growing concerns around Artificial Intelligence.

Jeenie CEO joins SAFE-AI Task Force In a momentous development this month, Jeenie CEO & Co-Founder Kirsten Brecht Baker has been appointed to join the Interpreting SAFE-AI Task Force—a group formed to address the growing concerns and calls by policymakers to critically evaluate the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in crucial sectors such as healthcare and the justice system.

The task force consists of a diverse group of stakeholders, each possessing expertise in interpreting and language access, representing a broad cross-section of backgrounds and perspectives.

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About the SAFE-AI Task Force

The Task Force was formed out of increasing demands to assess the current state of AI implementation in sectors such as healthcare and the justice system. Through strategic alliances and engagement with organizations in the language service industry, this Task Force aims to foster dialogue, exchange knowledge, and work collectively towards the safe and ethical advancement of AI in language services.

With its successful inaugural meeting concluded earlier this month, the Task Force will meet over the course of the next 12 months to deliberate and discuss crucial matters pertaining to the use of AI in the delivery of language services, and then finalize and present findings to relevant stakeholders. The primary aim of the Task Force is to provide clear guidelines and recommendations to ensure the ethical and safe utilization of AI in the delivery of language services to critical sectors.


Lasting Impact of the Task Force

The Task Force’s recommendations will serve as guiding principles to help ensure the seamless integration of AI technologies within the language services industry, while prioritizing safety, ethical considerations, and the overall well-being of the individuals who rely on these vital services—and that is where Jeenie comes in. The inclusion of Kirsten Brecht Baker, Jeenie’s CEO and Co-Founder, in this effort is a testament to Jeenie’s commitment towards a more inclusive and equitable future.

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