Product Update: Call History Billing Fields, Expanded Languages in TeleJeenie, & More!

RELEASE: Jan 16 2024
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New Billing Fields in Downloadable Call History

Now available: An easily accessible way for account admins to combine call history usage with costs. This update helps clients to better slice and dice their usage data and its related costs for tracking purposes. On a web browser, simply download your call history report in CSV format from the “History” page.

NOTE: If you have any credits, refunds, or are on a tiered pricing plan, you may see discrepancies in the total amount billed or the per call costs.

More Languages Added to TeleJeenie

Update your TeleJeenie list! We’ve added more languages to this offering for landline phones. 

With the increased number of languages available, you’ll have more options to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures on landlines. You can download the complete list on

Stay connected and make the most out of this expanded language support on TeleJeenie!

Coming Soon: Shorter Wait Time Options with Call "Switching"

On some calls, getting an interpreter as fast as possible is critical. That’s why this upcoming release has improved connection options for on-demand video calls. If a video call is not matching you to an interpreter as quickly as we think it should, users will soon have the option to transition from video to audio for expedited service. 

Clients will be able to switch to audio for faster access to an interpreter in all on-demand languages (except ASL).

To try out these new features, be sure to update to the newest version of Jeenie!
(On mobile: Update the app. On Web: Refresh your browser.) 

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